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The Academy of Music

Germantown Hospital Gardens

The Art Museum (2)

Broad Street (4 views)

The Old Post Office

Memorial Hall

The Bellevue Stratford Hotal

Dreens Nursery

Columbia Avenue Ballpark

Baptist Temple

Bank of Germantown

Drexel Univ. (Main Bldg.)

First Church Scientist

Girard College

Walnut Lane Bridge

Green Hill Farms

Naval Base Hospital

William Penn

Ben Franklin's Grave

Jefferson University

Rittenhouse Square

The Water Works

Ben Franklin Hotel

Univ. of Pa. Dormitory

The US Mint

The Liberty Bell

Betsy Ross's Grave

Univ. of Pa. Museum

Horticulture Hall

Broad Street Looking South

Boathouse Row

Jenkintown PA. RR Station

Independence Hall

The Zoo(2)

Bookbinders (2)

Pennsylvania House

Philadelphia Naval Base

Woodside Park

The Bourse

The Treaty Elm

Lulu Temple

Wissahickon Creek (2)

Fairmount Park Bridge

Map of Tinicum

Wanamaker Court and Organ

Willow Grove Park


Valley Green Inn


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Carpenters Hall

Curtis Publishing

Forbidden Drive

The Covered Bridge

Chestnut Street (1855)

Free Library Main Branch

Water Works

Old Swedes Church (4)

Christ Church (2)

The Manheim Club

Wanamakers (inside)

Memorial Hall

Church of the Saviour

Art Museum (from the air)

Reading Train Shed (inside)

Waterfall @ Boathouse Row

City Hall (2)

Broad Street (a drawing)

Washington Monument

13th Street Subway

East River Drive (at Ridge)

Cliveden House

Reading Train Shed (under cons.)

18th and Walnut

Girard Ave. RR Bridge

Old Convention Hall (1916)

Sansom House Restaurant

Agricultural Hall

Penn Athletic Club

Univ. of Pa. (Furness)

Philadelphia Art Club

Boulas Hotel Restaurant

Stenton House

Gray's Ferry

Cath. St. Peter & Paul

Glase Hall and Boles

Mint Rotunda

The Liberty Bell

Grant's Cabin


Cathay Restaurant

Free Library (Ridgeway)

Market Street (circa 1905)


Curtis Publishing

Livezey House

Central High School


Franklin Institute


Pennsylvania RR Bridge


Haverford College


Ninth Street Post Office


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