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Last update: June 10, 2005

The prestigious College of Information Science at Drexel University lists a variety of positions for librarians, information scientists and related professions, most in or around the Philadelphia area, but some as far west as Pittsburgh, and some north and east as New Jersey and New York. If you're on the East Coast and want to work in a library you BETTER go to school here. (I did) A fine site for those seeking a position on the east coast.
Go to the College of Information Science Job page at Drexel.

Here are jobs in Education. Look at this site if you would like to work in an educational setting.
Higher Education Jobs

Here's a site I've found only for those looking for a job in or near Philadelphia in an educational institution.

Here's another new site- any job in higher education...
Jobs in Higher Education

World Wide Web
Job Hunting Sites for Librarians
This compilation of sites is designed for new and continuing librarians and information scientists. Each site has some strong points which will be discussed in the review.

The career site from the Chronicle of Higher Education gives the user a variety of choices when searching for a position. This site is special as it allows the searcher to search geographically or by job title. You can search for faculty, administrative, executive jobs or those not in academia. You can only search the jobs of the prior week for free. To search this weeks jobs, you need to subscribe.
Read the Chronicle Ads.

The Philadelphia Cultural Alliance has a wide variety of jobs related to the arts:
Ads from the Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

The Philadelphia Chapter of the Special Libraries Association has a page listing jobs in the Philadelphia area. This site can be accessed here- Go to the Special Libraries positions.

Library Job Postings on the Internet

Here are jobs specifically in Pennsylvania, (not just library or information science) and jobs specifically in Philadelphia.

Here are jobs with the Federal Government... too many really. Federal Jobs

Here are jobs from The American Library Association ALA.

Here are jobs from Association of Record Managers & Administrators ARMA.

Here are jobs from the Art Libraries Association Art Libraries.

Here are jobs from the Medical Libraries Association MLA .

Here are jobs from the Public Libraries Association PLA .

Here are jobs from the New Jersey Library Association: NJ Library Association.