HOW TO USE A CREDIT CARD CORRECTLY. \par Written by and maintained by Pete Llewellyn.
\par \par Today it is possible to have a company pay you to use a credit card, but you must do it correctly.
\par There are many credit cards that pay you for using the card. Different cards have different advantages.
\par One of the best is the ATT Universal Rewards Card. This card pays you a 5% rebate on purchases you make\par at gas stations and grocery stores. In a recent introductory deal they paid you 5% back on ALL of your purchases.\par There are a few good websites that review credit cards. They are listed below. Carefully read all of the reviews\par and only apply for those that you feel offer the best deal. Under no circumstances should you pay a fee for a card.\par The old deals still remain for most frequent flyer programs. These generally award you one point for each mile you fly.\par They are usually not worth having though, unless your companyh is paying for you to fly. You can do better with a cash \par back reward card and use the money toward an aiplane ticket if you so desire. (Remember too that many airlines are in\par danger of possibly going bandrupt, or at least to reorganzie, and they can simply stop the program, making all of your\par miles useless. \par \par \par \par


Credit Card Review Site:
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